The Aerospace environment is one of the most challenging engineering environments, requiring as it does components to operate at extreme loads, at wide ranges of temperatures often in situations of shock and vibration loading.

Originally developed for use in missile and space technology our coating can provide low friction, in high load applications such as release pins and actuation systems.

The material’s ultra hard properties make it ideal for critical applications which are exposed to the effects of erosion from sand and other particles. These are often found at the front of flying vehicles which operate in hostile environments.

With restrictions on the use of traditional materials such as chrome based coating due to environmental concerns our carbon material provides an effective and high performance solution to friction reduction and reduction of wear.

Our patented process allows us to apply extremely conformal coatings to applications such as bearing surfaces, rotating components and sliding components in applications such as actuators, pumps and seals increasing performance and lifetime.

Benefit Focus

Extreme Hardness

Hardness: the measured resistance of a metal to indention, abrasion, deformation or machining.

Our material has a
hardness of 3500-4000Hv

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