Process Plant

In the processing industry Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) and Safety are critically important issues. Extending component lifetime and MTBF can save lots of cost whilst reliability and prevention of critical failure can save lives.

There exist many, diverse applications in the process industry which require hard wearing, low friction parts in order to optimise operational performance, in particular to increase MTBF.

Rollers subject to harsh conditions are used in Industries as diverse as Steel, Paper and Plasterboard manufacturing.

A major application of our coatings in process equipment is their application to mechanical seal faces where they can prolong the lifetime in dry running and marginal lubrication conditions.

Benefit Focus

Conformal to Surface

Also called orthomorphic (of a map projection) maintaining true shape over an area and scale in every direction.

Adamant® coated surfaces maintain a flatness of 1-2 light bands with 10 microns of coating.

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We understand that MTBF is critical to your efficiency and business costs. If your components and equipment are suffering from premature failure, then we can use our vast experience to solve your challenges.