Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas sector, particularly in the subsea sector, equipment performance is critical. Reliability and extended lifetime are key success factors for efficient and cost effective operation.

Faced with the combination of aggressive media, high temperature and pressure and abrasives it is important that the components which deal with these conditions can provide maximum performance.

Adamantâ„¢ coatings with their very low friction and high wear resistance offer the possibility of eliminating “stiction” making actuation in valves more reliable and reducing the force required and therefore the actuation footprint.

With extreme resistance to abrasion the material will protect critical surfaces from the effects of the aggressive environments experienced by modern downhole equipment.

The properties of the material; extreme hardness, good adhesion and low friction make it an excellent choice for applications including valve and seal seats, push pins, wearing and bearing seats in pumps and virtually any component where relative surface movement occurs.

A major application of our coatings in the oil and gas sector is their application to mechanical seal faces where they can prolong the lifetime in dry running and marginal lubrication conditions.

Benefit Focus

Great Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance refers to the ability of materials or structures to withstand any method of wearing down or rubbing away by means of friction.

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We understand that MTBF is critical to your efficiency and business costs. If your components downhole are suffering from premature failure, then we can use our vast experience to solve your challenges.