Our products form the basis of a “Green for Green” strategy. Our patented process has an inherently low environmental impact through;

a) Use of small quantities of source materials for the coating
b) Efficiently converting these to the material itself
c) Environmentally friendly by products in low volume

We produce products which reduce the environmental impact of moving equipment by;
a) reducing friction and thus reducing CO₂ emissions by reducing fuel consumption.
b) prolonging the lifetime of critical components and therefore reducing consumption of substrate raw materials


The substrates on which our products are deposited require;
a) No special pre or post preparation unlike other coating processes
b) Do not require the use of aggressive media such as acids or alkalis in the process

We are committed to ensuring that our technology can have a positive overall impact on the environment and have been ISO 14001 certified in 2010 and 2015 compliant in 2017.

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