Market Overview

The unique characteristics of the material coating make it particularly applicable in sectors where Engineers are pushing the boundaries of load, chemical resistance , temperature and abrasion.

Where the limits have been reached in traditional materials such as hardened steel, Diamond Hard Surfaces can provide extended lifetime in the most arduous of applications.

Indeed, wear problems cause major losses, UK industry alone estimated these to amount to £650 M in a recent study.* source NPL. This means that because of the low friction and high load resistance, not only can equipment run more efficiently for longer periods of time but applications can be designed to the limit of weight and performance thus enhancing other characteristics such as fuel efficiency.


Extreme Hardness

Low Process Temperature

Excellent Substrate Adhesion

Low Coefficient of Friction

No Pre or Post Treatment

Conformal to Surface

Great Abrasion Resistance

Market Sectors


Extremes of temperature, vibration and pressure coupled with the requirement for light weighting challenges the limits of traditional materials. Adamant® coatings enhance existing substrates making them more durable, abrasion resistant and low friction.


Reliability, performance and resistance to harsh conditions are critical to ensuring equipment performs as required, when required. Adamant® coatings enhance the mechanical performance of critical components.

Oil & Gas

Critical Equipment used for downhole exploration experiences some of the severest conditions on earth; heat, humidity, acidic and alkali environments. Adamant® coatings ensure components perform longer and better in these conditions.


Maximising speed, power and performance pushes traditional materials to their limit. Adamant® coatings ensure failures do not occur before a positive outcome is secured.

Process Plant

Reliability, safety and performance are key to ensuring optimum uptime and equipment output. Adamant® coatings enhance the reliability and predictability of components.


Heat dissipation and electrical insulation are critical characteristics for optimising the performance of modern electronics. ThermaSp3C™ coatings are well adhered to heat dissipation materials and have 3 times the thermal conductivity of copper.

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