CVD Diamond Products

Diamond Hard Surfaces can supply a variety of CVD Diamond related products including Mono, PCD and CVD Diamond. Each is suitable for different applications. Our Engineering and Development team can help you to determine the best material for your application. 

These materials offer unique advantages over other available materials due to our certified manufacturing process. We have a broad range of experience in using diamond materials to enhance your products. Please enquire if you would like more technical specifications for these products.

Adamant® PCD

Adamant – PCD is the ultimate material for localised wear applications .

Our polycrystalline diamond is a solid layer of micron diamond, sintered together in a high temperature, high pressure process on a tungsten carbide base. The resulting diamond layer is, effectively, pure diamond with the highest wear resistance of any material. The tungsten carbide base provides additional flexural strength for the diamond disc as well as providing the means of fixture.The diamond surface can be lapped and polished to provide a surface finish appropriate to the application.

Thermasp3C™ – CVD Diamond

ThermaSp3C – CVD is the ultimate thermal management material offering excellent thermal conductivity and electrical isolation.

Our CVD diamond is a solid free standing substrate which can be used alone or combined with other materials in our product portfolio to provide the ultimate thermal management solution for high performance electronics applications. It is available in two grades:

  • V1 with twice the thermal conductivity of copper.
  • V2 with four times the thermal conductivity of copper.

Combined with infinite electrical resistance at voltages in excess of 1000V these materials are the ultimate in thermal management materials for high performance electronics. 

Contact us for more detailed technical data.
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